• Authentic coffee shop and cafe in Lviv


    Place to meet your friends, escape from routine

    and enjoy the tastiest coffee from all over the world

  • Menu (all prices in UAH)

    classic coffee
    mix of arabica, transcarpatian arabica, espresso+, mexico altura, india plantation, indonesia, mexico maragodigip

    sour coffee
    ethiopia jimma, brazilia santos, columbia excelso, columbia supremo, peru supremo, kenya, nicaragua

    bitter coffee
    guatemala, papua new guinea, zambia, tanzania

    scented coffee
    caramel, cognac, amaretto, royal cherry, vanilla, mint, drunk cherry, exotic fruit,cobnut in chocolate, melted milk, truffles,

    chili, mocco, irish cream, wild cherry, bavarian chocolate, rum oil, orange in a chocolate

    without caffeine
    decaf, evening at the fireplace

    india parchment, camerun

    coffee & tea


    espresso from 30-

    americano from 30-

    White coffee 42-

    viennese coffee 42-

    turkish coffee 30-

    latte 38-

    cappuccino 35-

    cocoa 32-

    hot chocolate 40-
    tea from 55-



    iced coffee 30-

    iced latte 42-

    frappe 42-

    milkshake 34-

    coffee shake 34-

    juice with ice cream 35-

    juice “sandora” 18-


    sangria 20-

    dry red wine 35-

    dry white wine 35-

    mulled wine/gluhwine 55-




    traditional ukrainian cheesecake 40-

    cheesecake with berries 40-

    napoleon cake 40-
    spartak cake 40-

    cake "potato" 20-

    cake "nut" 5-


    ice cream 30-

    marmelade 4-

    truffles 5-

    turkish delight 16-

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    White coffee/Bila kava, Tyktora str. 4, Lviv, Ukraine
    Mon - Sat: 9 - 21
    Sun: 11- 21
    +38 097 0649676